Build A Custom Stream With StreamCast

Craft memorable, emotive experiences & engage your patrons and clientele on a personal level.


Bring your stream to life with one of the most popular operating systems for your mobile device. Use any Android device to stream!


Get the same excellent service on your iOS device, empowering you to interact virtually with every aspect of your visitors' experience.


You can also use any device which reads HTML5 to connect to your stream. Our streams are offered in many formats to suite your needs!

Get Your Stream Up Quick & Easy

StreamCast was crafted with love by a Dedicated team with years of broadcast and streaming experience. StreamCast can bring your establishment to a whole new marketing level. You can accentuate your streams with add-on's and other extra features which will help you engage your customers easily and without any hassle or extra work on your end. Our team is available 24 hours a day and on call for our business clients to ensure you are always streaming!

Documentation for StreamCast is available for all official StreamCast Clients. You can submit any issues or inquiries through Our Contact form. You can also Email Us or even Call Us 613-885-8788 Our goal is to bring you quality service coupled with exceptional service in order to create an Excellent Bottom Line for You!